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Are you in need of a good massage in Klamath Falls, OR? Jamie Douglass LLC is the company of Jamie Douglass, a massage therapist with 21 years of experience. She is a leading masseuse in our area. Jamie has helped thousands of customers in our community relieve their stress as well as fatigue and fight the effects of certain health conditions. She is proud to offer you a full range of services that are beneficial for both your body and mind.

Feel the deep relaxation massage that relax the entire body like never before. Call me and get the massage you deserve: (541) 891-0336!

Call Jamie today at (541) 891-0336. She is available Monday-Friday, from 8am to 6pm.

  • 30 minutes: $30
  • 60 minutes: $55
  • 90 minutes: $80

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You are Truly amazing Massage Therapist!

“Truly amazing! Walked in bent over in total pain, unable to stand up and walked out 100 times better! And competed the next day in a ranch rodeo!”

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Professional massage therapistWork and family responsibilities can be very taxing. Fatigue accumulates in your body and gets the better of you. You feel depressed and unproductive. Therefore, controlling and minimizing stress is something you should seriously consider. One thing you can do to improve your condition is try the massage therapy provided by Jamie Douglass LLC, at least once a week. With the help of a licensed massage therapist like Jamie Douglass, in Klamath Falls, OR, you can cope with physical indisposition and get rid of depression.

When performed by a good professional, a massage is proven to alleviate the mental and physical discomfort that you are experiencing. Jamie Douglass LLC, in Klamath Falls, OR, is fully licensed to provide massage services and has many years of experience. Whether you need therapy for a previously sustained injury or you need to relax after a hard day at the office, Jamie can help you manage pain and speed up your recovery. She works hard to provide her customers with professional massages that not only relax the body and mind, but also promote health benefits.

There exist more than 80 massage styles and methods today. Jamie Douglass specializes in the Swedish and deep tissue techniques. The Swedish method is the most common type of bodywork in the US. This type of technique is characterized by gentle strokes on the superficial muscles of the entire body. The strokes are performed in the direction of the blood that returns to the heart. In this procedure, circular movements with the hands, vibration, tapping and kneading are also utilized. As a result of this method, the oxygen levels in the blood increase, and the toxins are decreased.

Deep tissue is similar to Swedish, the main difference being that deeper Hands massaging the back of a womanpressure is applied to work on the deepest muscle layers, tendons and fascia. While in the Swedish method the entire hand is used, in deep tissue, the masseuse works with the fingertips and elbows. Deep tissue is applied where there is chronic muscle tension or injury.

As an excellent massage therapist, Jamie Douglass will create a comfortable atmosphere in the room where the therapy will take place. She will make sure that the temperature is neither too cold or too hot. She will use lotions and oils for a smoother experience. However, if you don’t like the feeling of being touched with oiled hands, she will respect your wish. The amount of pressure she will apply during the massage therapy will be just right, so that the procedure will be effective without you feeling any pain.

Jamie Douglass will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after she has done her job. Do not miss the opportunity to receive first-class massage services. Call a talented and experienced licensed massage therapist like Jamie today. She can be found at (541) 891-0336.

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